How well are you managing your Bad Debt & DSO?

Managing cash collections is important in any business, especially in post-acute where many of your payers are government entities with strict rules & regulations. When you can't collect cash, your [...]

How well are you managing your Bad Debt & DSO?2018-08-30T11:56:50-07:00

Growing Census & Skilled Mix

Here is the scenario.  Your operation(s) usually runs around 93% occupancy along with 32% skilled mix. For the past three months, you have been seeing a steady decline and now [...]

Growing Census & Skilled Mix2018-08-30T11:57:39-07:00

Calculating Average Length of Stay in PCC

Let's talk about how to calculate a payer length of stay!  Warning, we are going to get technical! PCC tracks a history of a patient stays via census item records.  [...]

Calculating Average Length of Stay in PCC2018-08-30T11:58:16-07:00

PCC AR Close Report

While at Ensign, we developed an automated AR import process directly into the general ledger system Microsoft Great Plains.  This was possible because of the PCC replicated database and the [...]

PCC AR Close Report2018-08-30T11:59:35-07:00

Pull live CMS data into Excel 2016

Want to tap into live CMS data?  This article can show you how to quickly pull in live data into excel so that you can develop models and reports that [...]

Pull live CMS data into Excel 20162018-08-30T12:00:14-07:00

Guide to PointClickCare Data Relay

When you first get access to the data relay from PointClickCare, you will find a database with 475 tables & 409 views!  That is a lot to figure out and [...]

Guide to PointClickCare Data Relay2018-08-30T12:01:16-07:00

Average Length of Stay

Length of Stay is a measure used in the post acute industry.  The confusing part is that there are multiple ways to calculate Average Length of Stay (ALOS) and different [...]

Average Length of Stay2018-08-30T12:01:51-07:00

Finding PCC Admission & Discharge Locations

By following this guide, you will learn where to locate and access the Admission & Discharge Locations dataset within PCC. In PCC replicated database, hospitals can be found in view_ods_external_facility. [...]

Finding PCC Admission & Discharge Locations2018-08-30T12:02:33-07:00
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