Here is the scenario.  Your operation(s) usually runs around 93% occupancy along with 32% skilled mix.

For the past three months, you have been seeing a steady decline and now are hovering around 82% occupancy & 26% skilled mix.  In this case not only has your admissions dropped, but the admissions you are seeing are lower acuity.  Ouch.

You’ve asked your marketer to go out into the community to promote your nursing facility.  Where should they focus their time?

Finding the problem, which hospitals are leading this census change?

We can see from the graph above that the largest drop in admissions is from St. Jude.  It is significant!  What changed and when?

By trending out the admissions by a specific hospital we can see that something changed with your relationship back in June/July.  This information is super helpful for your marketer.  You can now reach out to St. Jude!

Marketer – “We have been working together for years!  You normally account for around 1/3 of our patients.  The past few months our admissions from you have dropped more than half.  Did we do something?  Anything we can do to be better partners for you?”

What about the drop in our skilled mix? 

St. Jude sends us mostly non-skilled residents.  Their recent drop in admissions doesn’t account for the Skilled Mix drop.  Let’s take that same admissions data by hospital, but compare skilled vs. non-skilled payer types.

What this chart shows is that Global Medical Center sent less skilled patients than normal.  You would never have guessed there was an issue based on the very first graph.

Global Medical Center only sent 4 skilled patients, less than 1/2 of what they normally send!  How long has this been happening?  Why is this happening?

Understanding the nuance of your admissions can help empower your marketer to grow your census and skilled mix!

Do you have this type of data & analysis at your fingertips?  If you are interested in getting this type of data and views to your operators, please reach out to us!

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