While at Ensign, we developed an automated AR import process directly into the general ledger system Microsoft Great Plains.  This was possible because of the PCC replicated database and the view_ods_configuration_parameter view.

Part of the month end close cycle is tracking timing.  Especially for quarter end results, it is helpful to understand which operations are closing on time and which business office managers need additional support and training.

The view_ods_configuration_parameter view contains many different configurations of your PCC environment.  For today’s discussion, we want to filter only on PCC AR close timestamps.

PCC AR Close Query



,CONVERT(tinyint, DATEPART(MM, LEFT(A.[ConfigurationName], 3) + '1, 2000')) As [Close Month]

,CONVERT(smallint, RIGHT(LEFT(A.[ConfigurationName], 8), 4)) As [Close Year]

,LEFT(A.[ConfigurationValue], CHARINDEX(' ', A.[ConfigurationValue]) - 1) As [Business Office Manager]

,CONVERT(datetime, RIGHT(A.[ConfigurationValue], 19)) As [Close TimeStamp]

FROM [dbo].[view_ods_configuration_parameter] A JOIN

[dbo].[view_ods_facility] F ON A.[FacilityID] = F.[FacilityID]


--Filter On Close Configuration & Ensure Configuration Value contains a close time stamp

[ConfigurationName] like '%close%' AND ISDATE(RIGHT([ConfigurationValue], 19)) = 1

Once a building closes, a flag is updated in this view showing the timestamp of when the business office manager closed the building and for what period.  Using this information lets you know it is now safe to pull accounts receivable & transactions from PCC for accounting purposes.

If you are interested in automating this process, please reach out to us.  Many accounting systems today have API layers which you can leverage to automatically generate journal entries. This process is very helpful because it takes out human error, has $0 monthly labor costs and saves many hours so your accounting teams can do more important work like reviewing billing accuracy through Revenue PPD analysis.

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