Calculating Average Length of Stay in PCC


Let's talk about how to calculate a payer length of stay!  Warning, we are going to get technical! PCC tracks a history of a patient stays via census item records.  [...]

Calculating Average Length of Stay in PCC2018-08-30T11:58:16-07:00

Guide to PointClickCare Data Relay


When you first get access to the data relay from PointClickCare, you will find a database with 475 tables & 409 views!  That is a lot to figure out and [...]

Guide to PointClickCare Data Relay2018-08-30T12:01:16-07:00

Finding PCC Admission & Discharge Locations


By following this guide, you will learn where to locate and access the Admission & Discharge Locations dataset within PCC. In PCC replicated database, hospitals can be found in view_ods_external_facility. [...]

Finding PCC Admission & Discharge Locations2018-08-30T12:02:33-07:00
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