In this article, we talk about the current state of PointClickCare’s API platform and how it will impact the PointClickCare Data Relay product.

PointClickCare Summit

I had the pleasure of attending this year in Nashville, TN.  It was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, a beautiful place to stay if you ever find yourself in Nashville.

The nightlife was better than I imagined, with talented live musicians and friendly people on Broadway.  PointClickCare had a special guest Jason Aldean perform live at his own bar in downtown!  They know how to celebrate!

PointClickCare API (Application Programming Interface)

My main goal for going to the conference this year was to learn more about PointClickCare’s new API platform as well as their developer program.

There has been a lot of hype & confusion about the API.

“Will the new API will allow access to data like Census, ALOS, Rehospitalization or ADL info?”

I have met with many IT & data people in the industry who were hoping the API announcement would mean a better, faster and more reliable way to get access to their company’s in real time.

Unfortunately, the API will not help you get access to your own data for internal purposes (at least for now).

The goal of the API platform and the developer program is to help create ancillary businesses (that do not compete with PCC).  *If you do have a business idea, it cannot be in an area that they feel would be competitive with their existing and future products. 

From what I could tell at the conference, the initial list of API endpoints is limited and mostly focused on patient lists.  It sounds like they will be adding more and more data points and features in 2019.

PCC’s Data-Driven Future

PCC makes up 60%+ of the EHR market in the skilled nursing space.  What that means is that they have access and control of 60%+ of all patient data in the United States!  I would imagine they have big plans for data mining, predictive analytics and other advanced tools to offer as new products in the future.  It will be neat to see what they come up with in the future sitting on all of that rich data.

“Data is the new oil!”

This was one of my favorite quotes from the summit.  And it clearly shows the intent of PCC and their vision of the future.  They have more data than any competitor and a more complete picture of patient care.  You will not be able to compete with PCC when it comes to predictive modeling, their sample size (which drives the quality of the models) will beat everyone else in skilled nursing.

Data Relay

What this means is, the data relay is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.  It does a good job of delivering customers their data today.  This is the take away after speaking with Adam Clarke who is leading the new developer program at PointClickCare.

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