OLAP Cube Demo: SNF Mobile Reports Data Visualizations

Kevin Baker, of Data Services Partners, demonstrates how using an OLAP cube allows Skilled Nursing Facilities to drill down into their financial data in order to gain actionable insight into specific metrics.

This example uses mock nationwide data to demonstrate how a SNF administrator can view Overtime OT percentage for a specific facility in Arizona.

Systems like Point Click Care (PCC) have Data Relays that can act as a data source for data warehouses. These data warehouses can be automated to populate pivot table style reports that let you look at facts from many different dimensions.

Hi, this is Kevin Baker with Data Services Partners. Today I want to talk to you about OLAP reporting technology and how it can help your skilled nursing business.

OLAP is a fast and secure reporting technology that helps your organization not only report but automate. What you’re looking at on the screen here is an example of a data warehouse and essentially, when you look at it, it is just one large pivot table that has all of your data in one place.

Let’s talk about how this platform is flexible when it comes to visualizations. So, obviously we’re in Excel. Excel’s a great way to dive in, analyze, and do some ad hoc reporting. But, this is just another data source for other reporting platforms. So, whether it’s Power BI, Mobile Reports, which is one of my favorites, or you can use some of the new, popular ones that are popping up like Domo, or Tableau. You name it. A platform like this can connect to any visualization platform.

Let me show you, real quick, what Mobile Reports looks like and how you can take this same data source, that aggregates everything in your business, and put it into the online web and mobile. Here’s an example SNF dashboard, again, pointing to that same data source that’s in the Excel pivot table. This is a different visualization of that same data.

We’re looking at all operations for the month of July. You can see occupancy and ADCs, Skilled Mix, Cash collection Percent.

This environment here really is mobile-first, mobile-friendly where when you hover over something, with your finger, when you’re on your tablet or iPhone, you can see exact numbers. You can expand things out so you can get some more visibility.

Here I can see Nursing Hours PPD is 3.83 for this month. Dietary is at .62. There’s some great visualizations as you can see with thermostat. Here you can see maps. This right here, we’re looking at overall five star ratings across the company.

Just to give you an idea of speed, let’s go back to April and watch this refresh. You just pulled out all of that data across your company in less than a couple seconds! It’s really powerful!

Anyways, if you haven’t seen this before, or this is your first time seeing this, this is a great tool that I know personally has rave reviews from DONs, Administrators, because of its ease of use. It is just so simple, so easy to use and fast!

It’s something that I think can really help you guys make better data-driven decisions and become better operators!

Kevin Baker
Data Services Partners

Hi, I’m Kevin.

As former Director of Data Services at Ensign Services, a publicly traded company, I have an extensive background and expertise in the Skilled Nursing sector and the needs of both the management and information technology sides of the business. We’re experts in the systems and metrics that support Skilled Nursing and Post Acute Healthcare businesses.

My passion is helping businesses transform their data into actionable information to make better business decisions. We are developers you can trust. Data is our passion.

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