How Skilled Nursing Facilities Are Keeping Relatives in the Loop With Text Messaging

COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, is particularly perilous to residents and patients at skilled nursing facilities. In response, the federal government has issued a blanket ban on non-essential visits. As SNFs across the country go into lockdown, tech-savvy administrators are turning to text messaging to help send timely updates to patients’ relatives and contacts.

There are a multitude of text messaging services that allow administrators to quickly upload and broadcast messages to a list of cellphone numbers. The challenge for administrators is how to quickly extract that phone list from their current patient data … avoiding messages to the relatives of former/absentee patients.

PointClickCare is the leading EHR in the LTPAC space with approximately 60% marketshare. As the data services team for many SNF administrators, Data Services Partners was asked to assist in extracting a contact list from a client’s PCC Data Relay for this purpose. In order to extend help during this crucial time, Data Services Partners and its client wish to provide that query to other SNF operators utilizing the PCC Data Relay.

The COVID-19 outbreak will bring devastating long-term consequences to the world. But, we believe it will also bring out the best in our world community as we share and cooperate to overcome this devastation.

* Replace [PCC] with the name of your PCC Data Relay database

D.[FacilityName] ,ISNULL(E.[ContactTypeDesc],'UNKNOWN') AS [ContactType] ,ISNULL(E.[RelationshipDesc],'UNKNOWN') AS [Relationship] ,ISNULL(F.[CellPhone],'UNKNOWN') AS [CellPhone]

FROM [PCC].[dbo].[view_ods_daily_census] A WITH (NOLOCK)

LEFT OUTER JOIN [PCC].[dbo].[view_mpi_client] C WITH (NOLOCK)
ON A.[ClientID] = C.[client_id]

LEFT OUTER JOIN [PCC].[dbo].[view_ods_facility] D WITH (NOLOCK)
ON A.[FacilityID] = D.[FacilityID]

LEFT OUTER JOIN [PCC].[dbo].[view_ods_patient_contact] E WITH (NOLOCK)
ON C.[mpi_id] = E.[MasterPatientID] AND A.[FacilityID] = E.[FacilityID]

LEFT OUTER JOIN [PCC].[dbo].[view_ods_contact] F WITH (NOLOCK)
ON E.[PatientContactID] = F.[ContactID]

CONVERT(date,A.[CensusDate]) = CONVERT(date,GETDATE())

--Only get contacts for residents actively in the building
AND A.[CensusStatusDescription] = 'Active'

--Only returns records with cellphone numbers
AND LEN(RTRIM(LTRIM(F.[CellPhone]))) > 0

--(Optional) Filters out patient's own contact info
AND E.[RelationshipDesc] NOT LIKE '%self%'

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