PointClickCare is the leading EHR platform in the post-acute space.  As they’ve grown, they have created many modules to help support your business.  Most of that data can be pulled from their data relay product.


As of right now, not every module & data point flows into their data relay product.  This is a challenge when trying to automate and consolidate reporting for a growing skilled nursing company or trying to integrate your data with other vendors and systems.

A couple of examples of modules that do not currently flow into the data relay database.

  • POC (Point of Care) for ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tracking.
  • Financial GL module that allows you to manage all your accounting needs.

Solution (tips & tricks)

Point Click Care has a data services team of their own that supports custom requests.  The trick is being aware of these extra services and how it works.  Have your data services team or IT team reach out to your account manager to set up a meeting.

 Point Click Care has your back when it comes to data feeds, they are fantastic and quite responsive.  

Does the data already exist in the relay?

The first call you schedule for a new data request is all about understanding your data needs.  They will first try to see if the data you need already exists in the relay and point you in the right direction.

If the data does exist, ASK them for a query to help your developers get a head start!

New Data Feed Projects


PCC has so many clients, you should assume that whatever your need is, you are NOT the first company to ask for it.  When scoping out projects with them, do NOT start from scratch.  Ask them if they already have an integration with another client that you can leverage.  This will save you lots of time and money on development.  In this case, they aren’t doing any new development, they are just copying and configuring an existing data feed for your company & data.


If they are going to do custom development for you.  You want to ask for more data than you need up front.  It doesn’t take much effort on their end to include additional tables or fields when creating these new data feeds.  Even if your current need is limited to just a few columns of data, asking for more than you need now creates opportunities for more sophisticated data mining in the future (without having to kick off a new project with PCC)


New Development – PCC will charge you a one-time project fee based on hours for custom development time from their data services team.

New Data Feeds – PCC will charge a reasonable monthly fee to make your new custom feed live and pushed out to SFTP servers.  These data feeds come in many varieties, either database backups, custom CSV files.


If you have a special need, know that you have access to resources at PointClickCare to get what you need.  They are fantastic partners and really care about your success.

If you want help navigating this process, we are here to help you.  We have many clients who we represent when working with PCC’s data services team for new data feeds.  Going this route helps ensure that you get exactly what you need because you have an expert on your side who can speak the tech language but also understands your business and goals.

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My passion is helping businesses transform their data into actionable information to make better business decisions. We are developers you can trust. Data is our passion.

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